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Productivity is the keyword that gets most of us into heated debates about stress, life, work, work life balance, creating the right environment for better results, et al. And rightly so! The sheer economics of life depends on your level of productivity. Why? Here’s a simple explanation.

When you are at your optimum, productive best, you end up achieving things on your To Do List that much sooner. It can add volumes to the quality of your life, by helping you consistently apply the right effort in the right dose to the right tasks so as to earn, save, buy and more. So, productivity really is the key to a better life. Investopedia said it best in an article where they mentioned, “In economics, physical productivity is defined as the quantity of output produced by one unit of input within one unit of time.” If you want to become an asset to your organisation or in the business world, with people coming back to you over and over again for certain products, services or a higher role over the span of your career, then productivity is the way to go.

In keeping with this concept, here are a few things that people around the world are doing to become more productive. From the cool to the cute, there are a number of ways in which you can keep up that consistent rush of effort and efficiency.

  1. An Office Pet: As per a report published by Business Insider, owning an office pet like a cat or a dog can be highly beneficial for your productivity levels. The article is based on a study conducted by Marie Jose Enders who examined the relationship between humans and animals in various settings to show that owning an office pet can actually bring down your cortisol levels. What is cortisol, you may ask. Well, this is the stress hormone produced by the body. And as we all intuitively know, less stress means better productivity.
  2. Microsoft’s 3 Day Weekend: Now this is a pretty new and novel approach. To raise the productivity levels, Japan’s Microsoft chapter has introduced the four day week, which means you get to rest and recoup for three whole days instead of lamenting a hungover Saturday and rushed Sunday. But why Japan – you may ask. Japan has been notoriously low on the work life balance score, as per various reports. Although productivity has been at an all time high along with efficiency to boot; job satisfaction is pretty low which means the pull to remain productive may wane over time. Hence, in August 2018, Microsoft Japan decided to launch its Work Life Choice Challenge 2019 Summer which aims at greater productivity through greater job satisfaction. And surprise, surprise – the productivity levels went up by a little over 39% which meant people were getting more done in less time spent at the desk.
  3. Find Your Start Point: For many employees, and for entrepreneurs and leaders in particular, finding that start point is crucial. This is true especially for startup founders who might feel like the weight of having to do everything at one time takes away from their productivity. A word to the wise: find your start point and your core strength. Find where these two meet and do the deed for at least 70% of your work day. 30% should be allocated to other tasks and towards supervision of outsourced tasks.
  4. Get off the Phone/TV/iPad/Social Media: Technology is a good thing – but too much of anything is not such a great thing. Did you know that a survey by the Workforce Institute at Kronos found that the airing of the season finale of The Game of Thrones aired on the 19th of May caused major Monday morning blues and conflict which led to an instant decline in productivity levels with over 20 million people calling into to play the absent card at work. So the trick is to limit screen time and binge watching so that you do not get too caught up in a world that does really matter in the long run! Always remember – the cost of technology can actually cost you your productivity and creativity.
  5. Find a Partner in Crime: Finding an accountability partner is one of the best ways to boost your productivity. Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, you can always find like minded people with whom you can set goals and remind each other to carry out the necessary tasks for that list. Also, when you are held accountable by someone, you are automatically geared for higher performance which would elicit praise, and the right oohs and aahs at the right places! For example, if you are a startup founder, you should find a startup founder at startup meets so that you can both pump each other up.

Take note of these five measures to find yourself in a more productive space. And remember to tell us of your methods too!



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Devangini Mahapatra

Devangini Mahapatra

Devangini Mahapatra is the founder of And All Publishing and Blogging. In a two decade long career, she has indulged in all forms of content creation and marketing with several well known names from varied industries. She has published ten books and has been a recipient of many awards and much news coverage due to her continued efforts in the literary scene in India. Her content creation and publishing efforts are now focussed on covering thought leadership within myriad niches, in collaboration with thought leaders from all over the world.

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