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Election season is proudly here to tell us that we actually have choices! We are by the people, for the people and to the people. And we in India are more people – many more people than we can fit in – and that makes me proud. We are after all, one of the most highly populated countries!

Coming from Apes to Humans we are in constant transition to reach a refined reformation. As if shedding all that body hair and walking upright was not enough, we have created a society to govern our beliefs and for building a superior authority to further this transformation and the offspring of it is called DEMOCRACY. And for this, we have elections that grant everyone the equal right to make a choice in the matter. Or at least, make them think so.

Well, I am all in for the  understanding that all are equal with the right of equality in all segments. And the elections apparently show us how much like a “democracy for dummies” crash course every five years.

All this comes under the umbrella of POLITICS. Well, I am not here to actively state the affairs of a centrally governed political state. But I am positive that this system is by you and for you. With elections in the air my writing is copiously influenced. Where are my urbanites here? Like global warming and the climate crisis we take elections too seriously and many a witty chat happen over it.

We take it as our right to comment and state our opinion on it. Our sixth sense – that’s our civic sense – is open during these elections, which demands the best on every social aspect. Suddenly, you know the precise number of pot holes you have on the roads till you reach your work place, the number of empty dustbins around you are on your tips, and nobody can beat your power cut timetable, the street dogs are named and numbered, not to forget the percentage of taxes,and my favourites of all lies in the economy of the fuel. I have my set of concerns with the average and mileage of it. For the first time I have kept Google out of my writing. Urbanites debate amongst themselves and every urban living room is a Parliament now.

But a few interesting facts in the contestants noticed in 2019 elections are:

1.     You need to be single

2.    Dress in an eco friendly style

3.    Become a meme on all the social handles

4.    Explain every troller’s accusations rationally

We urbanites get notified on every look at the contestants and BINGE CHAT over it. Anybody can contest in India, but the greater divide is in for the VOTERS. Lastly we come to the core of it – just VOTE. If you believe in a wasted generation you surely will not let progress happen. So JUST VOTE. I feel the need of a campaign is required to get the voters to vote. And how do you convey this to Homemakers? To look after their welfare you need to see their basics to prosper. Their simple need is just a “MAID” with water and electricity and a maid makes their day. The elections hit them with a slogan that says “The united Party needs votes to win and we need a maid to go and vote”.

Get going urbanites – stain your index finger to make a point!

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Akshata Patne

Akshata Patne

Meet blogger and decor doctor Akshata Patne – interior designer par excellence by day, and blogger extraordinaire afterwards! This lifestyle and interior designer ensures that she studies the routine and lifestyle of the client before putting together the most apt design. She renders much value to real estate projects with her interior design solutions, while corporate villas and retreats remain her forte along with work from home solutions. She is currently designing one of a kind COVID 19 decor gems to beat the virus!

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