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Dating Gurugram

Disclaimer: This is a fun blog meant for a few laughs to lighten the daily stresses of life. No disrespect is meant to anyone or any community. 

Now this is my favourite couple to observe. As I mentioned in my previous posts, these Handsome Haryanavis, have their looks, their cows, their money and love for their moms. 

To set things in context I must explain a little about Haryana.  Haryana was primarily an agricultural land before Maruti Suzuki started its manufacturing plant here. The government got interested in Gurgaon for lack of space in Delhi and bought land from farmers who became rich almost overnight. 

 Money as they say can buy you your Scorpio cars and Apple airpods and the limited edition Nike shoes but can’t buy you a progressive mindset. That has to be developed and happily that is happening slowly but for sure.

Up till now these Handsome Haryanavis were used to seeing their women in Indian clothes like ghagara choli and Salwar kameez, even the sari. In came Maruti Suzuki and other Fortune 500 companies. They also brought in the Urban Corporate Woman from all parts of India and the world. 

The world as the Handsome Haryanavi knew it was over. Suddenly skirts had replaced saris. Thick long black hair was replaced by golden dyed, blonde hair. 

Nightclubs and lounges, and fine dining restaurants sprouted up everywhere to help everyone spend their hard earned and not so hard earned money. 

Soon gyms came up too to keep everyone fab and fit. 

So what happens when one day the Handsome Haryanavi goes to the gym and  happens to see a Corporate Woman doing the leg raises? His blood pressure also rises with each leg raise. 

Next question- How should he approach her? This is where Dating Challenge one comes. Some will walk over to her very confidently but some will walk over very close to her, personal space be damned, and start working out right there. He will look in the mirrors around, flex his biceps and triceps, all the while fervently hoping she has noticed him. Well our Corporate Woman has absolutely no idea, even if she looks at him for a second it is probably because she is miffed that he is in her personal space. When this doesn’t impress her, he decides to approach her. So, with very little English vocabulary and lots of biceps he walks her telling her that she is doing the exercise wrong and he will happily teach her the right way to do it. 

Generally at this point either one of two things happen. If he gets the eye roll of his life with a sarcastic “F..k off”, he will repeat this drill with the next attractive woman he will back off. If the Corporate Woman does get talking to him, he will ask her for a coffee . 

The Baristas and Café Coffee Days of Planet Gurgaon have flourished because of this species. If she does agree to a coffee, in comes Dating Challenge Two. Well… A conversation. Here biceps and triceps are of no use and he really needs to flex his brain muscle. He starts the sentence with a “Hi babes”….. and that is the end of the date. She picks her Da Milano Laptop bag, mumbles an excuse about an urgent meeting and races back to work forever swearing off local men. 

As I mentioned Planet Gurgaon is full of nightclubs and lounges. A popular culture here a weekly ladies night at these places. I really believe they need to rename it as you see more men and less ladies on Ladies Night. This is another place where the Handsome Haryanavi and the Corporate Woman can meet. 

This leads to two scenarios. Either he will admire her from a distance, try to stand next to her at the bar as she orders her drink and by and large, generally stalk her around the place. Or if he is a confident fellow, he will walk up to her and ask her if her can buy her a drink. She will either give him a death stare and he will scurry back to his posse of pumped chests and chicken legs or she will say Yes. 

Well here comes Dating Challenge 3…..He must now keep her interest alive and prove to her that he is not just about protein shakes and keto diets. The conversation will start with general pleasantries. If this goes well everything is good on Planet Gurgaon and we have two more happy people. The other scenario is that he will start with,  “Hello, Myself Surinder/Ravinder/Rajinder …….yourself?….” And that is the end of it. The Corporate Woman now more shocked than sophisticated will suddenly remember her late night call… America Time …. You see…. And exit from there, free drinks be damned… as fast as her Charles and Keith heels will carry her. 

And that is just another day on Planet Gurgaon. 

Next up  Unmarried Handsome Haryanavi dating the Married Woman…!

About the author

Aekta Dhingra

Aekta Dhingra

Aekta Dhingra is a budding writer, a fitness enthusiast, a clothes designer and a seeker who has many stories to share. She is passionate about changing archaic ideologies of society and helping women recognise their true worth. She lives in Gurugram, Haryana with her husband and two kids.

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