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What goes well with the need to heal? Well, literally – heels! So get heeled – or simply heal those heels. Urbanites enjoy a huge fascination of getting pampered and styled. From spas to parlors it leaves rejuvenated – their mind, body and soul. Let me take you there, a friend of mine had a heart break or simply put, got her heart knocked down. That’s  sadly true, seeing her sob I came to her rescue to restore her to being chirpy again. From  pillar to post I started gathering  my hands on to events. I was her guardian angel.

Spas, hot and cold yoga centres, meditation camps,  treks, make overs checked them all out. But couldn’t complain with Google on my side since I was on a spree on checking on all the options to reboot her. I even enrolled myself in a Zen coaching class where I was forcibly driven to an inward learning of open mindfulness and understanding beyond life and death. Cribbing about a void which exists in everyones lifespan doesn’t justify the belief of a being.

She was too hardwired and convinced about giving up on herself.  I even tried all the Babas, collected amulets and tied her them to her. I was faster than Google to answer top ten detox your mind methods. I had it all. Now comes the catch in getting her there which was the task at hand.

I was on the next level by now. She never progressed but my scores were sky high. Booking all of these places by my credit card had earned me a lot of shopping points. I came across a therapist and she was amazed by my knowledge of anti-depressants. Depression is an overrated subject; urbans have manifested this to an innovative reason to access for an escape. Rather than complaining about cold and flu or even the motion disorders, emotions is the new way to vent. The mainstay of this therapy was to normalise the brain and fall into therapy for cognitive behaviour.

I even got introduced to a  electroconvulsive therapy this was shocking as it was giving electric currents for treatment. Dealing with depression is petrifying. I scaled myself to avail the bare minimum package – which turned out to be a few thousand rupees for an hour of appreciation, praise and a cauldron of sweet words. Well I was doing that from quite sometime to her. That wisely says, time is money. Amongst all this I was finding synonyms for exhausted. I was ready to fall drop dead to sleep at the same time even as I was famished when we finally got ourselves to a nearby mall. Tempting food and discounts appetise and satiate you at the same time – that’s the USP of having food courts  in malls. I left the table to order food when I returned back with a huge tray of colas, momos,  fries and rolls, I saw a cheerful greeting on her face. So I rushed to her, “were you hungry?” She shook her head and said no, dropping her head down showed me her pair of pumps with high heels. Asking me aren’t they just great? Now I feel uplifted. I could see her spirits soar high.

Hey, Urbanites – burden  yourself with loads of shopping equites rather than weighing down yourself with the uncertainty of life. Now it’s time to redeem your shopping points and arm yourself with a good pair of high heels when you are feeling low. That’s a true urban HEEL FOR A HEAL..

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Akshata Patne

Akshata Patne

Meet blogger and decor doctor Akshata Patne – interior designer par excellence by day, and blogger extraordinaire afterwards! This lifestyle and interior designer ensures that she studies the routine and lifestyle of the client before putting together the most apt design. She renders much value to real estate projects with her interior design solutions, while corporate villas and retreats remain her forte along with work from home solutions. She is currently designing one of a kind COVID 19 decor gems to beat the virus!

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