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What is happiness? It comes in small doses of dopamine released in the brain when you find things around you that make you feel great about yourself. Today, the greatest test of the happiness index would have to be a selfie clicked at the right angle and put up as the profile picture to earn rave reviews – shelf life would be about a week or so before the next selfie is carefully clicked and passed off as a candid, in the moment shot.

If we are to carefully look at our lives, we may begin to realise that you are viewing the world and forming all your judgements based on what and how much you can see on the screen of the phone. We are firmly confined to the dimensions of that screen and we only look at how much that screen can capture when we click a selfie – hence, we are actually confined to that singular image of ourselves and nothing much around.

Let’s not get fauxed here.

So, come on urbanites, Say cheese! The Bebo pout and the Deepi dimple are more preferred than your sparkling teeth to be featured. It’s a SELFIE.  This selfie has gathered a lot of room in urban lives now that’s self introspection redefined.

SELFIE – A slang word for self portrait. Here you click yourself with your smart phone across you at an arm’s length – about as far as your arm can stretch. Your anhtropometrics  and ergonomics are at its best. They are further filtered and edited, added with frames and good to go on your socials. November 2013 Oxford dictionary welcomed the entry of the word SELFIE.  It was the word of the year. Australia takes credit for originating the first self portrait photograph. With kangaroos and cask wine Australia should be remembered for introducing the Selfie too.

The guidelines to a good selfie:

1.       Squeeze your face with open eyes to create explosive expressions.

2.       No need to be dressed to kill. You may wear your night suit and no one will care because only your face will be visible.

3.       The minute you take your selfie it has to go on any of your social handles.

4.       Selfies are to be taken only on your smart phones – NO cameras please! Does anyone even own any of those now?

5.       There is an added feature to this for a better click – you have a wired stick to your aid to extend your arm for a princely sum of 100 INR!

6.       Selfies are contagious they need circulation and attention.

7.       Any moment sad or happy in an urban time, any event good or bad is never complete without a selfie.

8.       All the five sense organs participate in a selfie.

9.       You need not have a full pic – it’s just the top half or in a chronological order.

10.   Selfies  can include any number of people into different actions but technically it is  a perspective view.

With selfies, you can show the world how much you love all the things around you – but just for a moment before your attention takes you elsewhere. Moments can vary to any grades like alarming situations to happy and scary circumstances.. A Selfie allows and gives you a broader spectrum of creating memories and  cherishing them..

 Gather together urbanites, let’s take a Selfie! Upload your visage to your app and enjoy the dopamine shot…

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Akshata Patne

Akshata Patne

Meet blogger and decor doctor Akshata Patne – interior designer par excellence by day, and blogger extraordinaire afterwards! This lifestyle and interior designer ensures that she studies the routine and lifestyle of the client before putting together the most apt design. She renders much value to real estate projects with her interior design solutions, while corporate villas and retreats remain her forte along with work from home solutions. She is currently designing one of a kind COVID 19 decor gems to beat the virus!

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