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The threat of COVID 19 and all its symptoms seems to have become a character in itself, a character that seems to be playing the leading role in a play called the Pandemic That Shut Us Down. But, in its larger than life and rather overwhelming proportions, it has somehow climbed down from the stage and set our lives on a irreversible path that will now go down in history as the year that had a new panic driven chapter in each month of its progression! The COVID 19 threat has pushed us indoors almost as if if it wants us us to be safe in our own space. This has led us a few to exploring and evolving ourselves in terms of everyday creativity. Innovative ideas with food and looks are experimented with, even as the resources available are scarce. The announcement of lock down and it’s extensions seem to have done nothing to dampen our spirits. It may be seen that creativity comes when we have time and a calm moment to ourselves. A lot of learning is happening.

Addiction is injurious to health. Yet, what if you are addicted to sprucing up your space? Well, to begin with there is nothing wrong with being able to create a nivel way of looking at things and a new look within your confined quarters.

Come let’s see how can we get there, a few additions of furniture, accessories, art work, and hoards of imagination can add much charm to your space and uplift your mood in this time of mental distress.

Have you tried shifting the furniture?

Shake up your furniture, change its orientation and let’s add a sense of play where there was none before the COVID 19 gripped our lives in its forced sense of drama. Give each piece a new home, a new corner and make your living room work harder to make you relax – because, no visitors! Place some low and comfy seating where you can lounge around and bring in cushions to make it even more relaxing and ambient. Throw some low tables next to the seating and bring in His and Hers laptop tables so that you can work in this space. And while you are at it, remember to play with floor cushions and layered rugs too. 

Fabricate some Joy.

Use fabric to your advantage like never before. Sheer curtains and rugs, cushions and runners – and so much more, can help you find a cocoon like joy in your space. Imagine the fresh monsoon breeze playing with the sheer curtains while you lounge around nearby, book in hand, coffee mug never too far. Create that story with the right tapestry and fabric. 

Paints and lights also come handy when it comes to adding delight.

Textured paints add a lot of drama. Colour is defined as a structural element by artist Matisse, and you can carry your color bucket to any wall surface to add textures. Go sponging, stenciling or spraying with all you have. With various colour co-ordinates you can mix and match style to taste. In fact, we would even suggest creating your own hues with a mix and match. Remember to use primer first, though!

Lights to help you Focus on all that’s good.

A simple LED light will create a powerful second layer for your decor statement. Lamps are very easy on the pocket and can be stored easily when not in use. Pedestal lights can keep any corner company, while handmade paper lights give a personal touch to your space. And remember to layer with pendant light that can easily add sophistication.

Going green can make you a responsible global citizen. Breathe life into your decor statement with some hanging plants that can catch the sunlight and thrive easily. Bring in a few potted palms for the corners and succulents in trays for table tops. 

So, take over your space and don’t wait for an appointment for the next weekend to speak to your design expert. Roll up your sleeve and get going to paint your space red.

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Akshata Patne

Akshata Patne

Meet blogger and decor doctor Akshata Patne – interior designer par excellence by day, and blogger extraordinaire afterwards! This lifestyle and interior designer ensures that she studies the routine and lifestyle of the client before putting together the most apt design. She renders much value to real estate projects with her interior design solutions, while corporate villas and retreats remain her forte along with work from home solutions. She is currently designing one of a kind COVID 19 decor gems to beat the virus!