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What does it take, my mind asked me yet again, to go from this state of inaction to action; to plunge headlong into the sea of possibilities and open up a whole new world lurking under those waters – a world filled with opportunities, with goal achievement and much fulfillment? Here is a quick checklist to present to yourself each time procrastination hits you and pauses your journey from inaction to action:
  1. What would I get by turning this inaction to action?
  2. What are the three things I would have to do (all within 10 seconds) to go from this state of inaction to action?
  3. What would I lose if I do not go from inaction to action right now?
Now make a detailed plan. The action you desire should actually lead you somewhere. It should show you the light at the end of the tunnel of your dreams and actually represent a coherent and tangible number or statement that will reflect goal fulfillment. Do you see it? Good! Now, write it down. This is the answer to questions 1 and 3. Now, for question 2, you may have to dig a little deeper in order to understand why you are not being able to turn your inaction to action, in the first place. Ask yourself about your limiting beliefs, recurring fears and examine the circumstances under which you may have failed the last time (delay in delivery, low quality, errors, etc). Are these factors stopping you? Be brutally honest! Now, go ahead and answer question 2 with the things that you would have to do differently this time – and there you have it: a concrete plan for inaction to action. These steps for question 2 should take just about 10 seconds so that you do not lose your focus and you do not end up getting overwhelmed. Happy Action time!  

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Payal & Priyanka

Payal & Priyanka

Payal and Priyanka are a pair of Army Wives who are dedicated to the cause of life! These NLP life coaches with their brand called Wings Team. Read their blogs posts on Wednesday Wisdom, right here on to know more about life and life coaching! Highly qualified, highly professional and always ready to spread some cheer with their unique methods – that is the best way to define the two founders of Wings Team!

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