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Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the glorious feminine spirit. All around us, there are examples of women who have succeeded despite numerous odds – women who have set an example as to how it is done! Yet, today, instead of speaking of those odds, we want to talk about a celebrity who has put one foot ahead of the other in order to make a difference and create something tangible and meaningful with her celebrity status. Here’s presenting actress Reema Sarin – actor, model, Bollywood dancer and choreographer who is also the flag bearer of many a social cause.

Reema attained success at a young age owing to her hard work, tenacity and vision. Yet, she did not limit all this merely to name building, but went ahead and lent her voice to causes that have been close to her heart. Her work in the corporate communications, global marketing and public relations sphere at AppLabs has ensured that she shares the vision of independent quality testing with a focus on health and education related programs – an effort she spearheads with 300 volunteers as she bears the mantle of a panel member on the CSR Panel for the CII, Andhra Pradesh. This gives her the leeway to channel her energies into the emerging CSR program for the state, even as she sits on the decision making committee to make CSR a mainstream function.

Distribution of medicines and books as well as the screening of movies by professionals from Europe and other parts of the world are just some of the activities that she organises, even as she finds solace in simple acts like reading books to the children that the program caters to. She has also roped in Software Engineers to teach these children about computers. Her other areas of interest include spreading awareness about HIV and AIDS in tandem with an NGO known as Nirmal Hriday. She has interacted with more than 300 destitute patients and also lent her support to blood donation drives conducted by ACT in collaboration with Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust, an NGO founded by well known South Indian actor, Chiranjeevi.

With AppLabs, Reema Sarin has also made a foray into more accessible primary education. From constructing schools to creating private – public partnerships with the state government for various academic institutions, she has also ensured that more than 200 orphaned students benefit from the distribution of uniform, books and stationery. Her efforts to make them smile can also be seen in the various events that she has participated in!

Finally, with voluntary donation camps like Samarpan and relief work for the Bihar floods, she has worked along side the state and central governments to come to the aid of those affected during natural calamities that have struck the area. Also, civic and other forms of welfare have been covered by her efforts like Traffic Awareness programs and much more. She has also done a great job of encouraging employees by instituting the Best CSR Volunteer Award.

Kudos to this lady for achieving so much and spreading so many smiles rather than merely smiling for the camera!

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Devangini Mahapatra

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