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It is that time of the year again when your raging appetite and all the yummy treats make you lose your battle against a few pounds gained in the wrong places. Between wanting to enjoy the delectable treats and wanting to fit into your festive finery, Diwali fever seems to be raging on. So here are a few quick ways to ensure that you do not succumb to those pesky holiday pounds!

– Munch: That’s right – munch. But on all the right things. Munching between meals will help in curbing your appetite to a great extent. So carry lots of dry fruits in a pouch with an energy bar or two to keep those hunger pangs and binge sessions at bay.

– Eat, Drink and Make Merry: When you are enjoying a tipple or two this festive season, remember to reach out for olives and other healthy snacks often. While entertaining at home, you may want to bring out trays of whole wheat crackers with quick salad toppings that will make for easy do it yourself snacks. Lay out plenty of salsa and dressings as well.

– Meal before a Meal: Before you leave home, have a quick salad or an egg with toast. This will ensure that you are not too hungry and will keep you from reaching out for heavy food during an inevitably late dinner.

– Sleep, Rinse, Repeat: Getting plenty of sleep is not only good for your skin, but for your metabolism too. Your metabolism takes time to kick start as you grow older. So give yourself and your stomach plenty of rest so that the metabolism does its job well. Also, while you are at it, drink lots of water!


Here’s wishing you and your weighing scale, a very Happy Diwali!

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Devangini Mahapatra

Devangini Mahapatra

Devangini Mahapatra is the founder of And All Publishing that launches authors and bloggers. Her forte remains content and optimisation along with end to end campaign creation. This award winning authorpreneur frequently writes about branding in the digital age! She is also the Editor in Chief of Thought Leadership Strategy and Communication setup, Worbose Communications.

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