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So life is good on planet Gurgaon. In my previous post I explained how Gurgaon is a planet of its own. It has its own species of people, a polluted cloud of air, and outsiders from other planets are still trying to understand it. No offense, but I love it all. I know I have already received comments that have praised my Gurgaon musings, and a few comments on how I am being racist, sexist, and everything in between. Thank you for the praise – and for those who think I am plain mean, your standards definitely need a raise!

This post is on the Corporate Singles dating their own. That means what happens when a young single guy from the corporate world dates a young single girl from his own world?

Well things generally go smooth here, IF, (yes, there is always an if) both are from similar backgrounds. If both are new joinees in their jobs, fresh out of college or having little experience, it is safe to assume neither has much money and the dates they go to will be at Ahataas. I explained what it is in my previous post.  You will see them holding hands here, whispering sweet nothings to each other and some not so sweet somethings about their respective bosses.

I have often seen them at malls. A great place to have a date according to them. Air conditioned environment, lots of window shopping without having to actually buy anything. Oh and having a Zara store there helps. They can be seen at Zara, formally dressed, because its lunch time, in the middle of work week. The guy will actually be helping her shop. She will pick and try various dresses and he will dutifully stand outside the fitting room, braving the pitiful looks he is getting from the others, and give his expert opinion on what she should buy and shouldn’t. Well I have always wondered how they manage the time for this. Here they have time to date in the middle of a work week and my husband – I lovingly call him Mr. D –  doesn’t even take my calls during work and if he does pick up my call its only to say he cant talk right then. Well, one of them is in the wrong job.

So back to the youngstars who are at their peak in the dating world! Shopping at Zara, or actually window shopping, then a coffee at the nearest coffee shop, and back to work it is.

This a typically a safe scenario with very little scope for fiascos. But if the guy is from a small town and recently moved to Gurgaon; and the woman in question is from a metro city like Bangalore or Mumbai, then there can be  few shocks in store for them together while they toy with the idea of dating each other. His idea of a date may be at McDonalds having a burger and fries, maybe ice cream later and her idea of a date might be dinner at a fine dining or a wine tasting… in this case sparks are sure to fly and I don’t mean the nice ones. 

Generally in this scenario after the first date both members of the species realise that they don’t have much of a future together so the guy steps back for the sake of his bank balance and the lady for the sake of her mental balance. 

In the next post we will look at what happens when a Handsome Haryanavi dates a Corporate Woman.

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Aekta Dhingra

Aekta Dhingra

Aekta Dhingra is a budding writer, a fitness enthusiast, a clothes designer and a seeker who has many stories to share. She is passionate about changing archaic ideologies of society and helping women recognise their true worth. She lives in Gurugram, Haryana with her husband and two kids.

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