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Thoughts and All

Women Are Wealthy

A Fun Read By Akshata Patne Oh, the month of March reminds me of mangoes, heat, sunshine, buttermilk, pimples, cotton ganjis, sunglasses, nimbu paani, ice gola...

Thoughts and All

Take Action

There’s something about getting down to it, getting your hands dirty and taking action – and honestly, that something is what makes dreams come...

Thoughts and All

A Date with Self

“I don’t even know what I really want – all I know is that life could be more – I could be more, There’s nothing wrong with my life – in fact, anyone looking...

Thoughts and All

Who Am I?

At a challenged meditation today, I struggled with this question. Who am I? What is it that is truly me? If I were to take away everything and everyone what...