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A Letter to Brands

Dear Brand Owners,

When was the last time you told the story of your brand?

You might be indulging in a carefully planned schedule of social media posts that talk about your brand, and you may have even engaged with influencers to pitch your products or services to their audience. But when was the last time you had a real conversation about the story behind the brand, the tales that were played out in the creation of your products or services? How did you find that gap where your products would fit in? Why did you think your services could help your ideal customers?

These are the stories we are looking to bring out. With a carefully curated campaign that runs across interviews, features, listicles and various blog posts that have to do with your niche and related niches, we are pouring intent into content. How would this help, you may ask?

Positioning. That’s how.

Visibility efforts seems scattered at best with brands vying for attention in the digital world. Simply churning out social media posts and showing up in the feed of an influencer or two would not be enough. To come across as a solution for the problems your core consumers may be facing, you need to be more than just visible – you need to be in a position to answer their questions. Positioning, remember?

We give you those key positions because our stories – blogs, videos, books, events, and even the E Commerce store – are all created with careful research and with your end user’s questions in mind. With our combination of the online and the offline, your visibility plan becomes a more well thought out one that catapults you straight into the consumer consciousness. Imagine our bloggers writing about their travel plans and pointing at an experience they had with your luggage brand (with a link to your website and our E Commerce store where they can directly buy that product!) Imagine your logo featured at events that have to do with a book churned out of these blogs posts and a web series to go with it. That’s the kind of positioning we are talking about.

Let’s tell the story of your brand, in words that actually matter.