Work Heritage Red into Your Wardrobe – Like a Pro!

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Work Heritage Red into Your Wardrobe – Like a Pro!
Saturday, October 14, 2017 @ 10:47 AM

Sabyasachi’s Heritage Red has earned a spot in every girl’s dreams! The festive color is a rich one that signifies bridal finesse more than anything else, in our country. The Heritage Red collection brings in a palette of flaming reds with rich burgundy and maroon as well. Seen on Deepika Padukone during the promotional gamut, the distinct hues have been coupled with hand crafted goodness and plenty of classic Jadau and Kundan jewellery from the designer’s Udaipur collection. To rock this look like a pro, you need to be comfortable wearing red in its many forms – be it contemporary or classic wear. So be a goddess this Diwali and bring some Heritage Red into your wardrobe with these simple tips.

Unique Color Pairings: Try pairing your Heritage Red with a pastel hue – take a leaf from the designer diaries of Indian Colors by SHA and team a flowing red kurta with a Banarasi odhni in green and gold. The neckline and simple flare has a rather tantalising effect which not only helps in bringing out the glory of the heavy odhni, but also falls well to bring out one’s curves. Notice the hint of green worked into the embroidery too! Pair with Jaipur style earrings set on white enamel – in fact, I would go in for a white pair with green petals embossed on them. What say?

While we are on the subject of color pairings, this is yet another find from Desi Almaree which has captured our hearts. The Japanese Shibori dyed saree has been given a contrast silk painted blouse. The effect is a wholesome and decadent look which portrays luxury through the artisan weaves. And as if that was not enough, we also chanced upon this Heritage red handloom saree with a contemporary and simple weave. The saree gets a lift from the block printed boat necked and long sleeved wonder in monochrome shades – rustic, modern, old school and everything in between!

Bring in some Contemporary Touches: If you truly want to rock the Heritage Red look and stay true to your modern day personality, then we would suggest an abstract intervention. This contemporary style saree from Crazypetals brings on an old world charm with a whole new twist. This Heritage Red handloom ghiccha wonder brings in some Dabu work with an applique technique. We love how the symmetry has been sacrificed for some good old artistic fun!

While we are on the subject of modern, asymmetrical hemlines and stripes instantly jump to one’s imagination. The folks at Indian Colors by SHA have taken the modern bait while working the Heritage Red theme. This flaming red piece is tempered with a stripes of simple sequins embroidered by hand on to the front and top of the garment. The modern look is also a classic one that will have a hard time going out of the fashion. But the piece de resistance has to be the asymmetrical hemline, which pretty much captures the essence of all things modern. I would team this Heritage Red piece with chunky bracelets and tassel style earrings for a back to the 20s flapper girls’ look!

Military Inspiration: Military wow-ness is in, and we have found a stunning piece which brings Heritage Red together with shoulder rank slides. The embroidered pieces gives a rich look to this other plain garment from Indian Colors by SHA . We are in love with the extended cuffs, parading around in gold, while the feminine flare keeps fashion in motion. This military gown inspired piece is a definite must have for some trendy Diwali fun!

Hand Painted and Artisan: If you are looking to do the Heritage Red look in a more effortless and everyday manner, then you can easily bring in some artisan pieces. Desi Almaree has come to our rescue with these pieces bound to wow. The Kalamkari blouse with the rich Heritage Red handloom saree says, I am too busy having fun! And the hand painted saree with its myriad saturated hues and modern motif says, I make my own rules! Pair with jhumkas and a pretty bindi! And if you only want a small dose of Heritage Red, then the gamcha style piece will make for a subdued and rather elegant statement. Best worn to a Diwali luncheon where you can wow everyone right out of their Siesta mood!

Embellished Heritage Red Look: Heritage Red is best paired with gold! Choose a plain red to let the color fall over you in lava inspired layers, while you get your fashion game on with some classic gold hand embroidery – a la Indian Colors by SHA! Choose well tailored pieces or have them customised to ensure that your embroidery stands out. You can also choose to have a few spots of embroidery like at the shoulders or the neckline, for a subtle effect for your Heritage Red look! Layer the look with modern cutouts.

Look for Heritage Red pieces which can also be used as accessories. You will however, need to remember that less is more as the Heritage Red hue is an overpowering color. It is important to complement and yet tone down for an effect that is wholesome, elegant and no too in your face. And while on the subject of Heritage Red, do not ignore those maroon hues in velvety fabrics! So are you ready to unleash your inner goddess this festive season? For more design inspiration on channeling the Heritage Red look, find out what your favorite designers are saying! 



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