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We simply love restrooms, the fancier, the cleaner the better. Big, full size mirrors – simply awesome. Tables and chairs to dump our bags – we are loving it more now. More space to empty our bags and scatter stuff around to look for that new hair-pin we got just a day ago – superb. Washrooms are the thing!! Let one woman claim no fascination with these places. They do us in, every time we walk into one. 

These are the places we try our pouts, style our hair, check our dresses, pull down a saree and pull up a skirt. We want to click selfies, we need washrooms. We want to cry – trust me its only the washroom where we will cry our heart out; noses sniffing and mascara flowing. Not even my man’s sturdy shoulders let me cry the way a washroom does. Then again, not one woman can perfect her dress without using an awesome washroom with mirrors all around us. Is the blouse showing enough, is the saree behaving? Is the hair hassled enough and yet falling beautifully all around the face, is the i-don’t-care look showing? Aha, how did I miss the lipstick – is the lipstick making magic on my lips? Do any of these more touch up?

The washroom lets me be myself like no other four-walled place does. Let down the mask, relax all the expressions, sit ungraciously for once on the couch, not caring about the legs showing. Take off those painful heels, and make a few faces while doing so! Yes, I use washrooms extensively to make all sorts of faces. Then again, I love to imitate there too. With expressions and hand actions I say all the rubbish I have heard outside is some meaningless meetings and bubbles and bubbles of laughter just do me in! I also roll my eyes, utter those awesome sounding loud cuss words – and feel so rejuvenated. Sometimes though it’s just the sound of water running on my hands and me trying to find the meaning of it all in that flow. So many times I have walked out without an answer but with so much more comfort and strength. A visit to the washroom relaxes me like no other two-minute thing can. 

Then of course there’s this other thing that fascinates us in a washroom. Other Women. Their dresses, jewelry, shoes, accessories, bags, hair brush, lipstick and their hair color too – we can take it all in without looking at any of this straight in the eye. Again the awesome mirror comes to our rescue! I have never been able to walk out of a washroom without taking it at least some of this in the women who have walked in. And how quickly the brain processes the view to a clear thought is simply awesome – a miniscule moment of taking in the dress, the footwear, the hair and the accessories and the brain would say it all together – the dress looks obviously new, the hair has been coloured sometime ago – a touch up is in order, the footwear is good but too common and the bag, my God the bag is so not going with all that mess. Sweet girl, I hope someday she will learn to dress better! All in that miniscule second of opening the door to let myself out! Because once we are outta that door, the washroom story and the feeling is firmly shut behind us!

What’s with Washrooms – I cannot say. But they make a whole lot of difference in our lives for sure. Man trouble – washroom is the place, mother-in-law trouble – it’s the washroom again. I won a lottery – washroom is for the broad grin and for trying all my new stuff. Bra fittings and flab hiding is done perfectly right there and it’s the place also to breathe in and breathe out when the nerves are a tad bit jumpy. 

To the Washrooms I have been to and to those I may be to in the future, I owe my heartfelt gratitude for just being where you are and how you are. I am sure life wouldn’t at all be the same for me without the you!

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Radhika Bali

Radhika Bali

Radhika Bali is our Monday Method to Madness Blogger. She is a lawyer who has worked for many years in Pune and Mumbai before starting her own law firm. A hyper achiever who likes to tell it like it is, Radhika is known for her love of books as well. You will never find her without one – and she has even participated in various lit fests! Her life revolves around her family, her practice and her love for the written word. Give her some love, would you?

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