Speed Breakers
What would you do…if your dreams came true?
Akanksha Madan. Bubbly, effervescent and always ready with a smile; with an assuring softness in her eyes.
So, when she woke up the morning after that dream – that heart wrenching dream – she knew it was a sign.
She left the “how, what, when, why, where and who” to destiny.
And when destiny spoke, she was listened, first shocked, and then inspired.
A crowded mall, a young face very much like her own, and tears.
Akanksha knew she had found the girl from the dream.
She sat her down (not before going through the process of convincing a complete stranger to trust her first),
and asked her to talk. The story, overwhelming in its share of laughs, surprises, twists and turns, seemed to slow down the speed of time.
And before she knew, Akanksha was a part of the story.

Speed Breakers is the story of that dream, that crying girl and the hilarious, heart rendering tale of her dramatic life.

 The Circle of Travel

This series will uncover unusual themes and stories that actually form the place – instead of vice versa. From in dept information to stories that will warm the heart, this book covers it all. The themes and stories will take you across charming America, Festive Europe, Culinary Australia, the Romantic Orient, Artistic New Zealand, Cool India and more.

Seven SistersA book on seven women who meet each other and travel together. The theme includes off beat travel, bonding and life lessons. The characters are of various age groups and the story moves forward on how they interact with each other, and evolve.

Dreams of the MorrowThis book brings on board nine traditional fairy tales, and re tells them in an urban, everyday setting to dispel the notion that happy endings cannot include college degrees, careers, single motherhood and other such concepts.


With this book, we bring together bloggers who are busy looking at life from their computer screens. It is a look at the challenges one faces while carving an identity online. Their stories will make you laugh, cry and wonder at the phenomenon of the virtual social.


State of WelfareThis volume presents a look at the role of an army wife, and how it is evolving. In the traditional sense, the army wife was the facilitator of welfare for the “hapless” jawan’s wife. But with development has come a new set of needs – wherein welfare has taken a back seat and empowerment has become the norm. This volume has been penned by Devangini who is an army wife herself.


Receive They say life’s biggest challenge is life’s biggest opportunity. But how do we make use of these opportunities? We have several books that talk about the law of attraction – but between wanting and attracting is another powerful step we all tend to miss. That is the power of receiving. How do we create our reality unless we are open to receiving? That’s the point that this book seeks to uncover. This volume has been written in tandem with experts from counselling and wellness fields.


The Ideapreneur This series seeks to unravel the new laws of new business media branding and how doing business online is changing. It has been covered in a niche wise, industry wise manner. This volume will show you the power of ideas and how they can help you create and brand your space online.


TitleIt grows on a tea plantation, cut off from the rest of the world, happily nestled in verdant greenery like no place else. It is nurtured by tea growers, brought to life by their caring hands, ready to be picked one day.

And as it is picked, it knows it is a lucky one – deemed worthy enough to reach a processing table, sealed by workers and brands to spread comfort in a cup, in someone’s life.

Tea stockists track it down, tea chefs set up studios that do it proud, and tea drinkers wash it down as they all create and exchange stories. A bite of biscuit or solitude on a balcony one rainy afternoon. A late night session with cousins, or even a first date – this series tells the tale of the tea leaf, and where all it has left its scent.

That scent could be in the North East, the hills of Himachal, the beauty of South India – anywhere the mind wanders and looks for a cup of comfort.Read this book to read the story of tea, its growers, its sellers and its drinkers.

tea cup