The Day I Wrote About Love Story Quotes – And Us

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The Day I Wrote About Love Story Quotes – And Us
Friday, February 08, 2019 @ 08:31 AM

Here’s my take on love story quotes. While I am a big believer of epic love stories, I am equally convinced that desire – free and unbridled – is a key ingredient of a passionate romance. This poem celebrates a woman’s total acceptance of purely physical pleasures her lover ignites.

Even though love story quotes are getting all the social media attention today, what about the carnal side of love and a walk in the wilderness where desire awaits at every turn?

Is it something we have relegated to the back shelf in our definition of commitment? Can we give it due importance in making relationships complete? That is what I am exploring in this poem. Love story quotes have been left to cool in my front lawn, while I explore a little more colour on my bedroom walls. So here goes!

The day I wrote about….us

When our eyes met at first

I finally understood 

The meaning of thirst.

That first kiss

 explained to me

That sensation called bliss.

At last I felt 

Your body weave,

Upon my body

That unforgettable eve

Designs of love,

And I believe

If death came to me 


I wouldn’t ask

For reprieve.

Then our fingers interlocked

My body adjusted

Effortlessly under yours

The upward turn of my neck

The downward turn of yours

The first kiss….

Do you have your own love story quotes that you would like to share with me?

Love Story Quotes

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Aekta Dhingra is a budding writer, a fitness enthusiast, a clothes designer and a seeker who has many stories to share. She is passionate about changing archaic ideologies of society and helping women recognise their true worth. She lives in Gurugram, Haryana with her husband and two kids. 




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