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Diwali Decor

What does Diwali Decor mean to you? For many, it signifies bringing out their best linen and crockery, while for many others it involves creating an irresistible table, layered with mouth watering, gourmet style goodies. From cleaning up and reaching out to those remote corners, to cooking up a storm, there are a number of things that define the festive fervor and Diwali Decor is indeed an important niche in this matter.

Diwali Decor has evolved over the years to bring in a more contemporary edge, yet the basic essence remains the same. The palette used is a rich one, which has undergone many levels of evolution to come into its own with saturated hues and rustic details. The brocade and velvet weaves along with silk and zari are a permanent fixture – only our treatment of the same in the Diwali Decor scheme of things has changed. Modernity and the Indian sensibilities have reached a bargain deal of sorts where contemporary lines meet muted tones and single or dual hues only get entertained on each piece. Further, we are in a back to basics mode where we have taken a definite U turn towards all things artisan. Block printed motifs, hints of Kalamkari weaves, khadi and linen stiffness to hold it all together, and ethnic brocade have now found a happily ever after in the contemporary pieces.

In this post, for Diwali Decor, we have used two simple things – cushions and runners. With the power of design vested in these two pieces, we will now show you how your Diwali decor can shine in a fabric infused canvas. Let your nooks and corners come alive with these comfort infusing and small pieces. That’s the less for more mantra at play, as per designer Dolly at Fuchsiaa. Find out how!

Think of Clear Skies and Exotic Spices: When you are busy picking pieces for your Diwali Decor, do not feel scared to play with color. Just do it like we did for this photo shoot, and choose muted tones with one color standing out. The mango hue here is a vibrant one while the egg blue and barely there grey plays its perfect partner in crime. The geometric elements ties in all these pieces together while the pop of hot pink gives it all a vibrant trim. I would keep this chair in my foyer for a truly exotic welcome!

Diwali Decor with Muted Color Pairings

Stay True to that bright Spirit: Even though the dictats of the season are muted, neutral or saturated colors, you can always stray away from the beaten contemporary path and take a walk down a bazaar in your favorite town of India! For some bright Diwali Decor  we would suggest adding layers. This glass and wooden shelf was filled with crystal and glass pieces until we decided to add some brightness. Blue and green with a hint of silver settle on the bottom shelf like the waves of the deep blue ocean, while a printed jute cushion with an oversized rose bearing piece stands by in its Heritage Red splendour! For this setting, we have saved the best for the middle where the coffee plantations and Lucknawi royal white and gold pairing, play a game of hide and seek. The contemporary patterns here also show off the colors of Indian spices!

Layer it well for bright Diwali Decor

Of End Tables and Paintings: Are you bored of the end table with a few artifacts and a painting hovering over it? We have made a cushion infused intervention to bring in a unique approach. The pinks on the top table literally give a lift to the dancing girls in the painting above. And as if that was not enough, we have added a bench below with peach and silver pieces – a few browns also make an earthy appeal here. Below, a brass pot in an antiquated finish stands out, while a white khadi runner sits between the two rows of cushions on top. On the doors nearby, we have hung two large bed runners so that pink gets its dream partner with orange and burgundy!

Give some colorful company to your end tables for Diwali Decor

Add Some Flair to the Grandfather Chair: This old chair was languishing in one corner with a ho hum white and pista green upholstery. We gave it all a Diwali Decor twist by adding a vibrant, motif embroidered table runner, aligned to one side. On the seat, we created a contrast between gold and white – sprinkled with bright hues and brocade detailing. The lamp and contemporary floral arrangement by the side balance out the entire area.

A cosy vibrant corner for Diwali Decor

Window Dressing: Add this vintage rack in front of your window and align a chair by the side. You can also use this kind of decor to partition areas and keep your food and sitting areas separate. We have used a plain white bedcover in silk, while an aqua bed runner hangs to the side. On the various levels of the rack, we have arranged some cushions. One of them has a pretty basket weave design in art silk and bling infused strips – a nod to our artisan and rustic heritage. Finish the look with some shells and neutral pieces like the cushion and runner on the chair. Make sure that you bring in a solid hued piece for a look as subtle yet vibrant as this one! The wooden painted candlesticks also add a rustic edge here while the ivory hue ties in with the beach inspired theme.

Create an Aqua themed partition for Diwali Decor

Make High Tea a Colorful Affair: Diwali decor does not merely have to extend to your sofas, chairs and drapes. You can also do up a service table like this one with plenty of ethnic and vibrant touches. We have taken a whole lots of colors and let them have a great time at this service point. The kettle in copper grounds the look while the saffron, gold and other shades create a fun statement. The mandala runner is an electric, ethnic addition while the contemporary yet rustic touches can be seen in the lines and weaves on the fabric of the cushions.

Make some Refreshing Tea for Diwali Decor

To be able to take the vibrant and combine it in an elegant way is all about having an evolved design aesthetic, this festive season. Take some Diwali Decor tips from the Padmavati trailer, if you are stuck for inspiration!


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