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Another Women’s Day – another day to gloat over how I am a gift to mankind! I love this day – I may not celebrate it by taking out a parade but I definitely let people around me know that I am special. As is the case for every woman around me.

Why dedicate a day to women’s day? And ‘why not’ is what I ask you! So, some say –‘ we can celebrate each day as women’s day’- but c’mon, let’s be practical. Will that ever happen? Sooner than later, men will get sick of treating us as superior beings- and demand that we behave as equals – which by the way, has been our demand since ages!

Grab the day, I say! Let’s be totally in their faces today! Let’s remind them that we go to hell and back during childbirth – and even afterwards. Let’s make them see that life has NOT been fair – let’s talk about all the times that we had to step back to let a brother, a husband or a friend step forward. Let’s discuss how our moms gave us the best pieces of chicken or made do with leftovers so the rest of the family could get fresh food. And while we do that, let’s also not forget that some of these were definitely choices that we or she made – out of love for the person – choices that we will still make – but now, could we just be acknowledged for them too?!

Sure, men have made choices for their family too – dads, brothers and friends are the pillars we all rely on – but then, let’s just look at most families. These men are still the heads – the ones who have the final voice. Which is also okay as long as our opinions are considered and wishes looked at. That’s what equal families mean, don’t they? There’s a decision maker for sure – and the other’s opinions are important too. As long as men keep that in mind, we are content putting our pretty feet up – for as long as the world will forget the ‘efficient worker’ in us!

So, getting back to the day marked out for us – this is just a reminder – to men – that things have not been fair – we have been pinched in buses and ‘ogled at’ during travel. We still don’t feel safe at night, we still have to balance a lot more in life. Life has never been really fair- so let us have a day to remind you (and ourselves) of it!

All we’re saying is – dude, just appreciate us and let that great guy in you overshadow the latent jerk inside (if he’s still there). We all love the men in our lives – just be worth our love, please!

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Payal & Priyanka

Payal & Priyanka

Payal and Priyanka are a pair of Army Wives who are dedicated to the cause of life! These NLP life coaches with their brand called Wings Team. Read their blogs posts on Wednesday Wisdom, right here on to know more about life and life coaching! Highly qualified, highly professional and always ready to spread some cheer with their unique methods – that is the best way to define the two founders of Wings Team!

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