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life coach

Life may not come with a manual, but you can always find a life coach!

Life throws us all kinds of curveballs and remaining equipped to deal with this phenomenon is called – well – living. But sometimes, we may end up getting overwhelmed with what life throws at us, in which case, living becomes a matter of grappling for a way out. A life coach may be the best answer!

In many such cases, we turn to a partner who can show us the way. While family and friends might seem like the ideal people for the job, there are many situations where we prefer the anonymity of a stranger’s company who will also be professionally adept at leading people through this maze of challenges in an unbiased way. A life coach is one such person who is professionally qualified to help you deal with life. Here is what a life coach does.

* Motivates: To begin with, challenges can make you feel like you are standing in a pool of fast waning energy where everything seems like a dark negative question mark. Insecurity, self-doubt and low self-confidence may further push us towards procrastination and even depressive thinking or hopelessness thereafter. A life coach is someone who eggs you on and helps you find the motivation to get going in terms of a goal, a need or a simple life function.

* Assessment: A life coach is also one who will help you take a well-rounded view of a situation or setback so that you have a larger picture – this helps you see an opportunity where a challenge is. This individual is also one who is detached from your active reality, which makes his or her opinion even more relevant. Yet, at the same time, a life coach will help you find that opinion yourself instead of serving it to you on a platter of emotional ties.

* Show, not Tell: A life coach will help you find your most true and relevant path which will serve you and your goals in the long run. Rather than telling you what you should do, a life coach will show you how you can do it so that you find and remain fixed on that path or series of actions.

* Solution Finding: With the life skills that the life coach will impart, you will be able to introspect and look around at the same time to find the best solution for the challenges that you may be facing, and to avoid falling into similar patterns or problems again.

In the above ways, a life coach will partner with you in the best way possible so that you learn how to hone your skills and reach out for your best opportunities. This will help you live life in a fruitful and meaningful manner. The coping skills and solution finding skills will also give you a wider perspective and outlook in life. There are many kinds of practitioners who will have different methods. Find someone whose ideals will resonate with yours and watch your life unfold for the better!

Ever since we announced that we are now NLP Life and Performance coaches, we have had everyone ask us what it exactly is.

What is a LIFE COACH? How does he/she help? Does everyone need a coach? If all is going well, is coach still required?

I can understand these questions and even relate to them. About two years ago, I would be the one asking these questions. A coach is NOT a therapist, a counselor or a consultant – he will NOT provide you with solutions. What he can do is re-programme your mind to make you look at newer solutions. He operates from the principle that the coachee has all the resources within to tackle any issue or to achieve excellence.  You are the only expert in your life. Only YOU truly know who you are and what the best is for you. A life coach will help you discover what your own personal “best” is.

So, YES, everyone should have a coach.

It is not a need, it is a desirable state. The coach is your personal cheerleader, with you ALL the way on your journey – whose mission is to make you achieve whatever it is that you desire or dream of. It can be as simple as sorting out a relationship – by getting different perspectives or overcoming any limiting beliefs. It can also be about charting out a path to greater success or overcoming any fears on the way.

Why Do You Need An NLP Life Coach?

  • An NLP life coach helps you re-programme your mind, and encourages you to think in new ways.
  • Helps you break habitual patterns, explore and drop your limiting beliefs, and makes you design your life the way YOU want it.
  • Makes you face your fears, and overcome them, achieve your goals and live with a sense of fulfillment and purpose.
  • Makes you look within yourself to build on your strengths and make your dreams possible.

So, while the coach will not tell you what to do, however, he/she will equip you well enough to be able to find the solution and hence, OWN the solution.

And what if you are in a good place, and want to be at the ‘best’ place instead?  Maybe you have bigger dreams, and know that what got you ‘here’ may not get you ‘there’. A life coach may still be of help, to help you reach higher reaches of success, by helping you meet the best version of yourself!

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Payal & Priyanka

Payal & Priyanka

Payal and Priyanka are a pair of Army Wives who are dedicated to the cause of life! These NLP life coaches with their brand called Wings Team. Read their blogs posts on Wednesday Wisdom, right here on to know more about life and life coaching! Highly qualified, highly professional and always ready to spread some cheer with their unique methods – that is the best way to define the two founders of Wings Team!

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