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Freedom To Empower – Leading from the Front
Wednesday, August 15, 2018 @ 11:51 AM

With great freedom, comes great responsibility. This is an often repeated phrase that we tend to remember during apt occasions like Independence Day. We are usually reminded of our duties as citizens during such days when the national consciousness is at its peak. Yet, freedom is an everyday phenomenon for some people – and how!


Blood Donation in Full Swing

In an example of leading from the front and using freedom to empower those in need, an everyday thing, Kreditech has taken a giant leap. German Online Lender ‘Kreditech’ known for providing financial freedom for the underbanked, is in the process of preparing their market entry into India, and the organization shall very soon become operational in the country. With an organization ethos of ‘Leading from Front’ even before the launch Kreditech Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility has decided to support the cause towards ‘Thalassemia Free India’. On the occasion of 72nd Independence Day of India, Kreditech in association with Arpan Blood Bank and the Red Boys Foundation organized an awareness and blood donation support drive in Mumbai.


The Victorious Team

On this occasion Ashish Kohli – MD & CEO of Kreditech Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. commented “When it comes to sustainability aspect of our business, we have a simple principle: Leading from Front with that thought guiding us as we set up a base in India, we have started a journey towards identifying causes where we can render sustainability to society at large”. He also added that building sustainable banking products to bridge the credit gap for the banked and underbanked will remain our core business but we will also have sharp focus and fervent hope that we make a difference in the lives of people in India. Support for Thalassemia is a humble step towards awareness and support for making India Thalassemia Free.

Kudos to the organisation for truly leading from the front when it comes to channeling freedom towards the betterment of society!



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