Fashionable Happily Ever After: The Pant and the Dress

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Fashionable Happily Ever After: The Pant and the Dress
Wednesday, March 01, 2017 @ 12:39 PM

One is an utterly feminine expression, favoured by women the world over, while the other is a no nonsense piece of clothing that levels the playing field in an instant. On their own, the pant and the dress each have a certain versatility that can depict a variety of moods for the wearer. Add some prints and a pleats to a dress and it becomes a flirty, whimsical piece that is all girl. Shift the pleats and create a more A line structure and you have an office look. With pants, you can play around with a range of styles starting from jeans and capris as well as culottes for a chic and fun look, while formal trousers and pencil pants can go from day to night with a change of tops and accessories.

Of late, we have noticed a mix and match of various styles on international runways. Pants and dresses have met for a fitting happily ever after and the look has been flaunted on red carpets the world over too. Gown wearing celebrities are pairing pencil pants in a contrast shade for a look that says, look at me, but don’t take me for an airhead. We especially love how the girls manage to still look delicate and ethereal with a touch of sass added to the entire look. Also, is it just our imagination or do these girls flit about a little more confidently when they have pants on?

We went ahead and brought in one of our favourite fashion bloggers, Miss Whimsical, to replicate the look. Doesn’t she look sassy and ready for Spring? Watch how she pairs trousers with her favourite dress to give it a whole new look!

Get the full story to replicate her look right here!



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