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The festive season in India is one that has all the usual suspects: blingy accessories, handloom style blouses, sarees that lie somewhere between the subtle and the rich, bringing on a dollop of tradition with a wholesome modern twist, and plenty of oohs and aahs.

She dressed herself in a high collared blouse with a backless surprise, and found pretty potlis filled with memories of the days gone by. Her hair smelt of jasmine as she parked a few buds in the updo, tendrils escaping for effect. Her white saree and its gold woven broad border found plenty of appreciative glances. She took a deep breath and ventured into the Diwali party at her friend’s home. She thought of the next few days and the lehengas and cool yet traditional gear she had hanging in her wardrobe. They would all get an outing in the next ten days! Whoops of joy filled her heart.


The aunties immediately surrounded her. Where did she get the saree from? How pretty the flowers look – no one wears flowers in their hair anymore. And also: when did she plan on getting married?

She simply twisted her trendy brocade cloth bracelets and looked down at the jootis on her feet, matching the same fabric bangles. Her eyes beheld many secrets, but the smile on her lips prevented them from spilling like tears.

“Whenever I find someone to propose to me with his heart and not just a ring.”

In the corner, a man dressed in a smart jodhpuri and woven waistcoat found that he could no longer concentrate on the business talk happening in his group.

To know what happens next, come back next week!

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Devangini Mahapatra

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