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Easy Elegance at Home
Tuesday, February 21, 2017 @ 12:18 PM

While we all like a lived in look, there would be very few of us who would not get completely starry eyed in the foyer or lobby of a grand structure. There is something very pleasing about being able to walk into a stunning space which you can call your own – but there is even more appeal in such a space when you can breathe easy and function without feeling like the proverbial bull in the China shop who might just knock or stain something. Easy Elegance is what designers and decor artists call it in today’s design parlance.

My first brush with easy elegance came from those pretty and classic countryside chalets that boast of holiday living amid the hills and a certain sense of relaxation. I once even read a feature on the hill home of a well known industrialist from Delhi. The lady mentioned that the best part about the home was that there was nothing too precious – if it’s lost, it’s lost; if it’s missing, it’s missing. And this while she was sitting on a chair, surrounded by crockery sourced from London and Paris. There is a certain genteel sense in such abodes, even while a classic cottage meets stately look is maintained.

Cut to more urbane times, and we find ourselves creating the magic of laid back elegance right where we are – in our urban quarters. From finding ways to incorporate storage into stand alone pieces in our formal spaces, to open kitchens where the colour scheme is just as neutral as the rest of the main hall – we are bringing elegance into our living and working quarters. This makes for an easy elegant style where we work hard, play hard and sleep well. So how can you recreate that kind of a look at home? Read on to know more!

– A Fireplace: This is quaint addition to any home, even if you have a faux one. Lots of moulding and some good old candles with a few potted plants should do the trick. Also, go on trend with upholstered panels for a faux fireplace or use mirrored tiles to do up the facade.

– Wood: Exposed wooden beams and a few exotic wooden painted pieces of furniture will bring in a sense of the whimsical in your elegant space. Play with a few colours that pop, but do not forget to layer with candles, throws and other pieces in neutrals.

– Plants: A mural on a screen with a large brass planter and a green indoor palm – now that’s the kind of refined casual chic look we are talking about!

– Books: Use open bookshelves and a few crystal vases on some of the shelves to tone down the effect of the colourful jackets. This is quite an inviting look which goes well with a few loungers or chairs on the side.



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