Deepika Padukone – and taking a stand for something important!

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Deepika Padukone – and taking a stand for something important!
Saturday, October 15, 2016 @ 08:56 PM

Current Focus on Mental Well Being: Too Much or Too Little?

Deepika Padukone’s Foundation is breaking ground with its new mainstream ad on depression – much like her admission of her condition had, over a year ago. Wellness, motivation, the law of attraction, mental well being: call it what you will, but ignore it, you cannot. Times have changed and so have we. With our basic hygiene factors in place (economic, cultural, social) thanks to some high density evolution since the Caveman times, we are now looking to focus on the “other” factors.

Mental health is a less discussed topic – or at least was, until recent times. “Going to the therapist” would not show up as someone’s status update, and talk of changing doses and drugs for battling depression still do not show up in formal dinner table conversation (No thank you, silver linings playbook!)

But things are changing and attitudes are shifting. A year ago, famed Indian actress Deepika Padukone came out and spoke publicly about her battle with anxiety and depression – a condition she found herself entrenched in, for well over a year. She spoke candidly about being at the very peak as far as her career went, and yet waking up (or finding trouble doing so), with a feeling that all was not well with her world.

She carefully pointed out the diagnosis and success factors in battling the condition to emerge a stronger human being, rather than focusing too much on how it pulled her down. Deepika chose instead, to talk about the symptoms so that one may help near and dear ones recognise the same when perceptions are clouded due to such conditions. And finally, she announced that 2015 would be her year to focus on helping the cause of mental health. She made good on her her promise when she created a foundation to back the cause of the same.

Mental health issues come with a certain amount of stigma (especially in countries like India), and Deepika made it a point to put across her case as plainly as she could – as if speaking about a bout of flu. Yet, she made sure she spoke about how life crippling such a condition can be, and how the symptoms must not be ignored.

While it is no new phenomenon in Hollywood, talking in plain speak about mental health issues is a big one for India – and icons in India. Soon after, we heard about similar struggles faced by other celebrities. Kudos to her for taking a stand on something so few people speak of!

Watch the Video here, courtesy India Samvad:



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