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What does success mean to you? Does it mean a huge house and a fleet of luxurious cars? Does it mean recognition at work and a glass encased corner office? Or does it simply mean being able to do what you love and living life to the hilt? Whatever your definition of success may be, the principles of success do not change. The context and our perspective may change; global economies may change – but the principles of success remain unchanged and universal.

In this context, I have found a book that tackles the subject of success. This much awaited tome promises to deliver the 14 principles of success in a doable and actionable manner. I am looking forward to this book because of the author, more than anything else! Dr Roopleen is a motivational speaker and counselor with substantial experience as an eye surgeon. She has authored 4 books and has been a part of various anthologies. Her latest book is based on her keen insight when it comes to human nature and it talks about the very principles of success that have transformed her own life.

Published by Macmillan Publishers India, this self help book promises to give you a step by step guide when it comes to the implementation of the principles of success. The reader can easily get an in depth view and a time tested base when it comes to applying the principles of success. The principles have been discussed in keeping with various industries and niches, which makes it all the more commendable and relevant. Further, it portrays success in a modern day context during the discussion of the 14 principles of success.

The author seeks to tackle a number of aspects when it comes to success. Success is something that we all want – this is an established fact. It is the founding law on which the principles of success are based. Yet, success is not just a one time, quick formula – and this book addresses the false notion. We are given an appropriate model and format with which we can tweak and use to fit our own definition of success. In this way, the principles of success laid down in this book can be easily rewritten by each of us for a significant personal impact.

Finally, no success is complete without happiness. The underlying principles of success in the book have been discussed in context of happiness – which is one of the most important elements at the end of the day. Apart from the steps that can lead one upwards on the ladder of success, the book also seeks to motivate the reader.

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Devangini Mahapatra

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