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Colour me Luxury
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 @ 01:14 PM

The Louis Vuitton Brown. The Chanel Blue. The Burberry Beige. Sound familiar? Or rather: feel familiar?

The world has exploded into a new spring of colours. These colours have to do with brands and the luxury of owning the same. In our heavily urban times, we have come to associate brands with various aspects of our lives. One of these crucial aspects has to do with colour.

Colour is our way of adding a code and index to emotions and spaces within which we operate in our everyday gamut of thriving. Colours have a way of dictating how we are feeling. Also, how we feel has a lot to do with the colour we lean towards on a particular day. This is where brands tie in.

In recent times, the emphasis on how we live and what brands we rely on for the same, has come to dictate how we shape ourselves and our lives. In this regard, for every class of people, there is a brand that we associate with. This brand signifies our aspirations, our dreams, our angst and our leanings towards colour. The luxury brands are now widely recognised by most people, whether or not they can afford it, and hence, has a bearing on all these factors. It shows who we want to be and where we want to go. Much like having a favourite actor or actress. You get the drift, right?

So in naming colours after luxuries, we are not just choosing a colour, we are choosing the luxury that we would most like to associate with given half a chance. Colours and luxuries truly mix!



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