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Picture Courtesy: Verywell Health

Those eyes…Filled with dreams….

Dropped a tear at every thing….

Now those eyes are dry….

They feel nothing…They know no pain….

They only drop a tear or two…When the heart fills up..

And then they dry…As quickly as they came….

They feel nothing… They seek nothing…

They seek that love….Which is lost forever…

They wonder if they will ever seek love…

They wonder if they will ever feel pain…

They seek true love…But does true love really exist??

To this, they asked – was she never good enough

For anybody..

She tried hard very hard…

But every time there was somebody better who took her place…

A place she felt

She well deserved…

But maybe she didn’t…Maybe she had to work harder…

Maybe she had to change herself…But change herself

She was not going to!

She had finally found herself

With a lot of struggle..She was in a happier place

And she was not going to change

For anybody anymore!!!

She gave all her life To others…

Now she has promised herself

She is not going to play this game ever again…To be somebody she is not!

About the author



Mansi is the creative head at And All Publishing. Apart from giving visual beauty to the books we publish, she also writes in her downtime! Her poetry touches the heart and makes us wonder what being a woman is all about.

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